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“More wet food!” my cat Noodles yowled for the fifth time that morning, headbutting her empty bowl in protest. I sighed, reluctantly opening another can. My dream of staying in my pajamas all Sunday quickly faded under the weight of needy feline demands. Sure I adopted Noodles for companionship, but I felt less like a doting owner and more like a frazzled short-order cook!

Image by Andreas Lischka

In reflecting on my cat parenting skills though, I realized good intentions weren’t enough. With some lessons from Noodles herself plus experts, I learned to become the caretaker my fur baby deserves. Here’s how you too can step up your servitude, ahem…guardianship skills for one sublimely spoiled kitty!

First, observe your cat’s unique personality and preferences for food, play styles, petting spots etc. Just like people, no two cats are identical. Customizing care around their individual quirks keeps them content and less demanding. Could prevent 4AM hairball wakeup calls!

Next, cat-proof your home by stashing vulnerable objects, securing screens, and ensuring ample stimulation. Remember cats see our boring dwellings as expansive new jungles to explore! Maximize their playground with perches, toys and activities matching their energy level. They’ll unleash zoomies without destroying drapes.

Additionally, don’t force complex routines that cause you both stress. Optimize feeding, grooming and veterinary visits for simplicity. Make necessities fast, pleasant and bonding. For instance, brush teeth and trim nails while cuddling together rather than chasing a bitey gremlin around the room!

Finally, show your dedication daily through play sessions, applause for rodent hunting displays, and silly songs about your cat’s awesomeness. Sedentary pleasure-seekers or ambitious adventurers, every cat yearns for activity with their special human above all else.

Yes, stellar cat parenting demands effort. But gaze into your cat’s adoring eyes as you stroke their luxurious fur (better schedule regular brushings too!) and try not feeling utterly smitten. Shower them with time, thoughtful accommodations and talking to them like the superior royalty they are, and watch your stress melt quicker than ice cream in summer. Who’s the real pet here anyway? Now off I go to grab Noodles her gourmet ham pâté and brush up on my feather toy waving skills. There are treats to fill and paws to kiss — it’s a cat’s life for me!

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