Are you a Felinetrovert?

Signs you prefer the company of Cats to Humans

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Avid readers are often introverts. You might resent being placed in that box or you might pride yourself on being an introvert. You’d much rather curl up with a good book and a cup of tea than go out partying on a Friday night. But have your introverted tendencies gone a bit too far? Are you in feline territory? See if any of these signs of being a “felinetrovert” ring true for you:

Image by Foden Nguyen from Pixabay

You actively avoided a social event by pretending to “wash your cat” that night.

We all need some alone time to recharge — totally normal. But have you ever blamed poor Fluffy for your lack of desire to see other humans? “Oh sorry, can’t make it tonight…you know how messy Fluffy got into the garden. Really gotta wash all that dirt outta her fur. Maybe next time!” If you’ve pulled this excuse, you may be a felinetrovert.

A cat cafe is your ideal hangout spot.

Cat cafes are incredible places where introverts can get their socialization fix — with cute kitties! But if you actually prefer spending hours at cat cafes over normal human hangouts like bars, clubs, or game nights — you may have more feline than human friend tendencies.

You frequently bail on plans by saying your cat is “sick.”

Using your cat’s imaginary illness to get out of social commitments is a common felinetrovert strategy. “So sorry to cancel last minute, but Mr. Whiskers has a really bad cough today. I should keep an eye on him instead of coming over.” If your cat is suddenly stricken with mystery ailments whenever you’d rather stay home — you’re likely a felinetrovert!

So what if you identify as a felinetrovert? Embrace your love of solo time and kitty snuggles. But challenge yourself occasionally to connect with other humans — even outgoing “dog people” can surprise you! Just be sure to give your cat some extra pets for their acting skills.

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