Is God a Cat?

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Ministry of Meow


This question may seem absurd, but hear me out. Throughout history, humans have envisioned God as an all-knowing, all-powerful supreme being. We’ve imagined God taking on various human-like forms. But what if we have it all wrong? What if God is actually…a cat?

On the surface, cats seem like unlikely candidates for divine status. They appear aloof, selfish, and temperamental. But examine their behaviors and abilities more closely and uncanny similarities to a supreme being start to emerge.


Like God, cats seem to be everywhere at once. They walk stealthily undetected through our homes and neighborhoods. No matter where we go, cats are likely nearby watching over us. They defy the limits of time and space.

Mysterious Ways

Cats move in mysterious ways. Their intentions and inner motivations often perplex humans. They disappear for hours leaving us wondering what cosmic missions they are engaged in. Cat behaviors can seem cryptic, even miraculous. Isn’t God described similarly as operating in mysterious ways?

Worshipped and Revered

Throughout history, cats have been worshipped as gods. Ancient Egyptians viewed them as embodiments of divinity worthy of reverence. Today, cats remain internet idols surrounded by loyal worshippers. Their position atop the animal kingdom stands undisputed.

Connection to the Spiritual

Cats are believed by many to be spiritually connected and psychic. They see and sense things beyond the perception of humans. They gaze into empty space as if communicating with the divine cosmos. Their nightly hypnotic trances resemble spiritual meditation and prayer.

Power Over Humans

Cats hold remarkable power over humans. Their disarming cuteness and affection makes people attentive servants to their every need. With a simple cry or meow, cats summon us to provide food, shelter, love and care. Our homes become their heavenly domains of comfort and worship.


Cats embody the independent spirit of a divine being. They need very little from humans compared to dogs or other pets. Cats operate…



Ministry of Meow

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