The amazing acrobatic feats of the Savitsky Cat stars

The cat trainers who turned rescue cats into TV stars

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2 min readSep 16, 2023

For the Savitsky family of Ukraine, cat training runs in the family. Mother Svitlana dreamed of becoming a big cat trainer as a child. Now along with her daughter Marina, they carry on the tradition by performing incredible circus-style acts with their 10 talented house cats.

Svitlana started training cats at just 10 years old, teaching her first kitty clever tricks through patience and rewards. She recognized that cats have the natural agility and intelligence of larger predators like lions, albeit in a compact, adorable package.

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Twenty years later, Svitlana and Marina carry on the feline entertainment legacy by showcasing their cat stars Ulia, Chupa, Topa, Asia, Dasha, Matros, Eddy, Linda, Tosha and Mafik. Each cat has their own suite of skills, from jumping hurdles to ringing bells. But crowd-pleasing acts require intensive training between cat and trainer.

“We start training early, building a strong bond of trust and understanding,” explains Marina. “Using positive reinforcement, not punishment, is key. Each cat has their own personality we tailor tricks to.”

Training is a family affair, with Svitlana’s son Misha and the family dog Elizabeth participating in acts. Misha helps reward and motivate the cats, while Elizabeth models behaviors for them to learn. But make no mistake — the cats are the real headliners!

From tightrope walking to agility contests, the Savitsky cats prove felines can master impressive physical and mental feats. While Svitlana once dreamed of taming tigers, she’s achieved something equally remarkable — a high-flying cat circus starring her own cherished house cats.

The Savitskys’ feline performers have brought their talents to audiences worldwide. They have demonstrated agile acrobatics and clever tricks on numerous television shows across Europe, Russia and the United States. American fans were first introduced to the troupe on America’s Got Talent in 2013, where the cats dazzled judges with obstacle courses, jumps, and bell-ringing routines. This launched the Savitsky cats into stardom, leading to appearances on The Late Show, Today Show, and more.

The Savitskys continue to showcase new acts and trained behaviors as they tour and perform for amazed crowds. Their fame proves these adoptable shelter cats have uncanny abilities equal to any show cat or dog act. The Savitskys show how with love and creativity, cats can do the extraordinary.

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