The feline pastry perspective

Does your cat also moonlight as a biscuit maker?

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Have you ever watched your cat obsessively pawing at a blanket, their paws alternating in a rhythmic kneading motion? It may look like they’re hard at work perfecting their biscuit recipe and are ready to open up a bakery! Kneading is an instinctual feline behavior, but why do our kitties feel the urge to “make biscuits”? Let’s explore the pastry perspective of cats.

Veterinarians explain that cats knead due to instincts from kittenhood. When nursing, kittens knead their mother to stimulate milk flow. The motion is comforting and triggers contentment. Growing cats continue to knead soft surfaces like blankets or their owner’s lap because it soothes them. Your cat may even purr or suckle while kneading, signs of a relaxed, blissful state. It’s like their own form of kitty yoga!

Of course, your cat isn’t actually trying to bake. But you have to admit it’s pretty amusing to imagine them starting up a biscuit-making side hustle, given their passion for kneading. Just picture your cat in a mini baker’s hat, with their own cooking show teaching fellow felines their kneading techniques! Those would be some adorable biscuits.

In reality, kneading is your cat’s way of relieving stress and comforting themselves. The repetitive motion releases endorphins that calm your cat. It can also be a social bonding behavior cats use to connect with you, especially if they purr and knead on your lap. So try not to disrupt your kitty’s therapeutic biscuit-making sessions!

However, cats often do their intense kneading on soft furnishings like couches, beds and carpets. And those sharp claws can damage fabric and furniture over time. So how do you protect your home while letting your cat indulge their pastry urges?

Place a thick blanket or cat bed on your furniture to take the brunt of the kneading. Get scratching posts and cat scratchers to redirect those instincts. Consider cat-safe surfaces like a sisal rug. And reward them when they knead approved surfaces. With patience, you can curb destructive kneading.

So embrace your cat’s inner baker — just be ready to provide kneading-friendly surfaces. Their biscuit baking brings comfort and joy. And who knows — maybe one day they’ll publish that bestselling cat cookbook filled with their secret dough-kneading methods! But for now, your cat will keep honing their biscuit mastery, one perfectly kneaded blanket at a time.

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