The Heavenly gift of Cats

Divine messengers in disguise

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There is an old story that God decided to send angels down to Earth to bring comfort and joy to struggling humans. But to avoid alarming people with wings and halos, He instructed the angels to don warm fur coats and walk on all fours — and so cats came to be. While just a legend, it speaks to the angelic gifts of cats that uplift our lives in mysterious yet soulful ways.

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With their elegance, poise and aura of the mystical, cats do seem to possess heavenly qualities. Their intelligence and emotional understanding also mirror angelic insight. When we are troubled, cats radiate calm and offer affection exactly when we need it most. It is as if they intuitively sense when their healing presence would help, just like guardian angels.

Science confirms that cats lift people’s spirits and benefit our health. Stroking a purring cat lowers stress and depression while boosting immunity. Cats alleviate loneliness and give unconditional love that comforts our souls. Feline companionship provides therapy for anxiety and trauma. Even just watching cat videos online elevates people’s moods!

Throughout history, cats’ “angelic” gifts have been recognized. Ancient Egyptians revered cats as sacred animals, even worshipping the cat goddess Bastet. To harm a cat meant punishment in their Underworld. Norse myths described cats pulling the goddess Freyja’s chariot, while Celtic tales portrayed cats as fairy guardians. To many cultures, cats symbolized divine blessings on the home.

Today cats still guard our homes, alerting us to danger with their sharp senses. Their purring resonates at a frequency that heals our bodies, demonstrating why cats were considered medicinal in many folk medicines. But perhaps most angelically, cats give us the gift of devotion — their love persevering despite our flaws.

So while not supernatural beings, cats do carry divine-like blessings — constancy, healing, comfort. Their mystique suggests there are realms of existence we cannot comprehend. If cats were sent to aid human spirits, they fulfill this purpose beautifully each day.

The next time your cat curls up beside you just when you felt despair, remember they may be an angel in disguise. No wings or halo needed — their heavenly gift is being present when you need them most. For the love, solace and purpose cats selflessly give our lives, they are indeed angels walking on soft paws.

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